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Gary Schwendiman, Ph.D.

Foreword's Clarion Review
Five-Star Review

"Gary Schwendiman’s The Future of Clean Energy is a creatively written, cleverly constructed, and well-reasoned argument supporting two sources of “clean” energy...With his ability to write in simple terms and use an analogy that brings energy down to a level every consumer can understand, Schwendiman makes the topic of clean energy both educational and entertaining." 

San Francisco Book Review
Five-Star Review

"Finely crafted, eminently worth reading, and reflective of the author’s long experience in the field. I seriously recommend this treatise as an inducer of thought." 

"In this science and policy volume, Schwendiman uses the Super Bowl as the organizing metaphor for a discussion of the competing visions of the future of energy in the United States…[the book] does an excellent job of organizing current knowledge of the technologies and their potential for meeting the world’s energy needs." 
  — Kirkus Reviews
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"...[Schwendiman] did a good job of providing facts and concepts for the reader to consider each energy type and then do more research on his own. When I was reading this book in a public setting it did cause people to begin giving me their ideas and opinions. It is a great conversation opener." 
  — Laura's Interests
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If you’ve ever wondered how we can solve the energy crisis, then you have to obtain a copy of this book. Schwendiman breaks down a complicated future and provides logical, simple to understand, and most importantly, workable solutions for creating a greener energy sector and a stronger global economy. 

Dr. Martin A. Massengale President Emeritus, University of Nebraska

If we look ahead twenty to forty years, this planet has big problems from an environmental perspective. The same goes for the global economy. We need answers on how to address the coming crises. This book has those answers. 

— Dr. Richard Ohran, PhD awarded from Eidgenössische Technische Hochschule Zürich*

Nicely done! I appreciate the fact that this book was written in "lay terms" so that people like me could understand. It is readily apparent that much research was done. You definitely sold me on the future of our nuclear power and ethanol use. 

— N. Harris

Gary Schwendiman, Ph.D., Book Signing at 2016 SMR Summit in Atlanta, Georgia

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